Hey there! I'm Antonio Avalos, a tech enthusiast and people–centered designer based in Guadalajara, Mexico. My professional journey spans over 12 years across various roles in the tech industry. From being an electronics technician to a Front-end developer, UX designer lead, and now, a Product Manager.

So, here's the story of how diverse experiences have shaped my holistic and multidimensional perspective.

If you're not interested in the story but in my CV, you can check my LinkedIn or my portfolio as product manager.

My professional experience

I'm driven by the belief that technology must be an enhancer of our skills, the automation of the busy work to free space for doing the creative work. So, during my career I've tried to make hardware and software be tools that adapt naturally to the way of people's living not just apps to get them from A to B tapping screen buttons.

FEMSA: Leading Innovation –Remotely
In my most recent adventure at FEMSA, where I served as the Product Manager Lead at the Innovation Lab Xpertal from June 2021 to September 2023, I crafted a narrative of strategic prowess. I orchestrated immersive strategy workshops with managers and directors, weaving a tapestry of insights into compelling 3-month roadmaps for MVPs. Steering cross-functional teams, we transformed conceptual business ideas into tangible products, birthing the School of Innovation, a cutting-edge Intranet, a bespoke E-commerce platform for employees, and a Real Estate platform to manage diverse assets of interest for corporate. A highlight of this journey was co-designing our Innovation Lab's processes, artifacts, and courses, ensuring a seamless blend of User-Centered Design & Product Management.

ITESO Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara: Nurturing Minds at my alma mater
My commitment to education found expression at ITESO Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara, where I assumed the role of Associate Professor during 2022. My days were filled with the vibrant hum of knowledge transfer, teaching IT classes with Python and Arduino. Beyond the classroom, I worked in the coordination of teachers, topics, and materials for the Programming Fundamentals course, fostering an environment where learning thrived and curiosity flourished.

Blackstone Studio: Shaping Solutions for multiple businesses –The pandemic and the return to office
Previously, at Blackstone Studio as my first Technical Product Manager job (May 2020 - April 2021), I embarked on a journey of defining scope, goals, and requirements that would shape the digital landscape of several business. My canvas extended across diverse products, from e-commerce platforms and customer experience solutions to cryptocurrency trading and corporate web apps in the US and Europe. In this creative endeavor, I contributed with the design–development and product operations framework, ensuring a cohesive and efficient pathway to customers success.

NXP Semiconductors: Crafting User-Centric Experiences
During my tenure at NXP Semiconductors, lasting from December 2018 to April 2020, I donned the hat of a UX Design Lead. Guided by the compass of web analytics and AB tests, I led the team in a captivating redesign of content, enhancing user experiences. With a keen eye on business needs, research, and analytics, I crafted prototypes that resonated with users. My journey also witnessed the introduction of vital elements like personas, journey maps, and usability tests, culminating in a transformation that reduced the team's internal tasks by an impressive 80%. It was during this period that I championed the implementation of atomic design principles, further streamlining our approach to deliver user-centric solutions.

Intel Corporation: Bridging Technology and Knowledge
During my time at Intel Corporation, spanning November 2014 to October 2016, I donned the mantle of a System Development & Validation Engineer. My days were marked by the exploration and testing of communication protocols and architectures, culminating in the creation of an internal website serving as a Knowledge Management System. As my team's lab manager, I implemented a Six-Sigma workflow, bringing order to daily day testing activities. This chapter of my journey also saw the crafting of 80+ engineering best practices for debugging, a testament to the dedication to excellence that defined my approach.

Soluciones Tecnológicas: Pioneering Innovation
Beginning my professional journey at Soluciones Tecnológicas, I served as an Embedded System Engineer (November 2013 - October 2014) and later as an Electronic Assembly Technologist (January 2011 - October 2013). These chapters were marked by the creation of embedded software for automotive applications, the design of UI and software for testing Chrysler cars' windows, and the invention of a portable device that revolutionized testing, slashing time by an astounding 98%. It was here that the seeds of innovation were sown, setting the stage for the transformative journey ahead.

In the design and product community

I love the design and product community. I like to speak at tech events, write in blogs as UX Collective, participate as judge of innovation projects in universities, coach kids on Technovation Challenge and mentor professionals around the world with ADPList and the Nielsen Norman Group.

I actively participate in talks and events about UX Design and Product Management. Besides mentoring professionals since late 2020.

Personal projects from the past

I have co-founded several organizations. From a recognized non-profit, a Parliament for youth people, an award winning but failed start-up, and two local radio shows.

InRed – Education non-profit working with the government

InredA.C. was a non-profit I co-founded with friends to educate youth people and the government in human duties to balance the human rights conversation.

Member of the Youth Council of Jalisco – I assisted on State's law amendments

As youth councils of the state, we worked on law amendments for the benefit and care of the youth people. And with the support of the governor we created the first Parliament of youth people.

ERGY – College award winning start-up that got a place into a famous incubator

ERGY was an app to monitor gas stations and consumption. My startup was one of the winners to get seed funding in "Reto Zapopan" 5th Gen.

InRed Radio (Host) and Coloquio (Producer) – At local radio stations: ARVISA and NAIMEDIA.

I was radio host of a local show during 4 years. And Radio producer later. We earned our Press credentials to cover culture and education events