I'm a Product Manager with a track record of success across diverse industries. Proven ability to drive innovation, lead cross-functional teams, and achieve strategic goals. Adept in UX design, software development, and technical operations. Committed to continuous learning, mentorship, and people-centered solutions.

I've orchestrated the creation of new solutions, recently including an E-commerce platform with US$160k in first-year sales, a Real Estate system managing +6k assets for 1k users, and an Online school's platform reaching 14k sold courses.

If you'd like to talk about Product management, UX design, innovation, or strategy, please drop me a message!

Last year, I managed simultaneously 3+ products and budgets up to US$0.5M from MVP proposals to strategic product increments.
In 2021, I led from design to launch a new e-commerce converting 16k users and generating US$160k in sales after a year.
In my last job, I pioneered product management: Created 2 online courses, 30+ artifacts, and interviewed and trained new PMs.
My values
"Always be learning"
Technology, design, and communication are endless areas to learn. Every day, I'm exploring a podcast, video, blog, book, or online course to improve some personal or work skills.
"Be curious, not judgmental"
Cross-functional collaboration is complex, so I advocate for communication from a shared understanding of the craft and value of each team member to the vision, goal, and milestone alignment.
"Strategize from the need"
Vision and strategy must be understood by the teams so we can look for the foundations of a user's problem, then revisit the context and roles involved, and test intentional solutions to meet business goals.
โ€œYour mind is for having ideas, not holding themโ€
Knowledge management is a side project I advocate for, especially for technical operations. Methodology, artifacts, and collaboration spaces have to be crystal clear so they don't distract us from delivering Value.
Some companies I've worked on

My most recent work

Real estate operations producing future value insights

Orchestrated the research, design, and incremental development of an internal Real Estate platform, empowering +1k users to manage and prospect a growing portfolio of +6k properties nurturing a predictive analysis to maximize corporate's assets value.

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E-commerce for social value generation

Achieved the creation of the first E-commerce for FEMSAs employees, converting 16000 users and generating US$160k in sales after a year (2022) by leading product strategy, UX, and 3P teams.

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Online education for the digital transformation

Conducted from idea to MVP for a new online school, which reached in 2023: 14k sold accesses for 13+ courses in 2 languages for 2500+ students in our community site.

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And additional to work...

NN/g Mentor

Selected as Mentor for the 2024 Mentorship Program. I'll be providing support and coaching for UX practitioners to contribute to their successful and fulfilled careers.

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Design and Product Mentor

ADPList is the global community to democratize mentorship. 16,000+ Mentors who have mentored more than 100 million minutes in 141 countries across the globe.
โ€“ Recognized as the top #4 Mentor in 2022 LATAM.
โ€“ Worldwide "1% Top Super Mentor" during 2022.

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From local events, and online forums to the most attended annual Boot Camp in the world (Talent Land) I'm an active participant of the Design and Product Community.

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