It's normal to feel exhausted, drained and over-stimulated so this exercise I read in the Bullet Journal method from Ryder Carroll helps to alleviate that feeling and even kick-start an unplanned planning session to put some order in your life.

But don't worry this activity could be completely ignored after done, and that's ok. The whole point is liberating your mind, detox your emotional state and being in the present for what matters the most in the moment, instead of being kidnapped by the brain fog.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a new note in your preferred Notes' App or take a piece of paper
  2. Write all in your head and keep writing until you reach peace of mind
  3. Categorize using topic tags aside every sentence or paragraph
  4. Rewrite only the "actionable" stuff under the respective tags you made
  5. Create projects and break into tasks until you're done with your list
  6. Add the respective events into your calendar and put deadlines for your new tasks created
  7. From all what was left in the original list or note, rewrite those notes where you can revisit them later: Areas of your life or Resources folder.
  8. Add day and time to the original note and move it to the archive.