Side-projects are never a priority. Do you remember those internal tools, book clubs, podcasts, blogs or health routines that were never done?

After those energetic starts, use these 4 steps to prepare a shared-place and ensure progress:

  1. Create a single-source-of-truth for knowledge and activities. Use a Wiki and Kanban apps.
  2. Set recurrent reviews and block execution times. Use a shared calendar and a task focus app.
  3. Prepare agendas with expected outcome and track tasks with a person and deadline assigned.
  4. Publish public meeting minutes so everyone sync on agreements and action items. They could be an email, wiki post or card in the Kanban board.
  5. Build relationships instead of transactions and ensure points of contact per topic. Use a simple personal CRM and schedule 1:1s with every person in your team.

Notion has a wide community with tips and free templates for every step:

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